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If you are in the market for an entry-level laser engraving and cutting system for home, school or small business use, then check out our range of Flux lasers.  These desktop lasers  include the Beamo which smallest CO2 laser in the world at A4 up to the HEXA with an impressive 730 x 410mm work area. Compact but capable Flux lasers are packed with features you would expect to find in larger premium models such as camera positioning, autofocus and rotary device (optional). They can be purchased on our WebShop and delivered straight to your door and with simple installation and ease of use you will be lasering you own products in no time.  


Flux Beamo Lasers - Beamo, Beambox Beambox Pro

Engraving and cutting from 300 x 200mm up to 600 x 375mm


Flux HEXA Laser

Engraving and cutting up to 730 x 410 mm


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