LazerNow: Crafting Success with Precision Laser Engraving

Monday 25th March 2024

In the heart of Carlow, a family-run workshop is pushing the boundaries of the craft and laser engraving industry. LazerNow Studio, under the guidance of Cheryl and Willie McHutcheon, has become a hallmark of innovation and quality in the realm of customised engraving.

The inception of LazerNow Studio dates back to 2009, originally founded by Ann and John Duffy. With John’s retirement in 2023, the torch was passed to Cheryl and Willie McHutcheon, whose backgrounds in craft and woodworking respectively, have been instrumental in LazerNow Studio's evolution. Their combined expertise has navigated the business into a new era, blending artistry with precision engraving to create uniquely personalised items.

LazerNow Studio is not merely about laser engraving; it's about infusing personalisation and creativity into everyday items. Offering everything from trophies and plaques to bespoke pieces that resonate with music, history, and sports enthusiasts, LazerNow Studio serves a varied clientele, including schools, GAA clubs, and local societies.

LazerNowStudio’s approach to business is as multifaceted as its product range. With meticulous attention to their offerings, they have managed to appeal to a wide spectrum of customers. Whether it’s the elegance of a custom-engraved trophy or the rustic charm of an engraved slate piece, LazerNow Studio has something special for every taste, making each piece a testament to their passion and dedication to their craft.

The path to excellence often involves making decisions that define the future. For LazerNow Studio, finding the perfect laser engraving machine was pivotal, leading them to Epilog, a brand that came highly recommended. This decision was made with careful consideration of their budget, expectations from the machine, aftercare service, and longevity. Epilog stood out as the unequivocal choice, shaping the studio’s operational capabilities and product quality.

The integration of Epilog's laser engraving machines has significantly transformed LazerNow Studio's production process. With two Epilog machines now at their disposal, the business can seamlessly meet the increasing demand for their products, maintaining high quality. The precision and versatility of these machines have enabled LazerNow Studio to diversify their product range, offering beautifully finished engravings on various materials.

The foundation of every successful partnership is built on reliable support and service. LazerNow Studio's experience with CSI Manufacturing, the supplier of Epilog machines, has been exceptionally positive. The swift and efficient customer care, coupled with the staff's friendly and professional attitude, has solidified LazerNow Studio's confidence in their choice. It’s a relationship that transcends business transactions, playing a crucial role in the smooth operation and growth of LazerNow Studio.

LazerNow  Studio's story is a testament to the synergy of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. Through their collaboration with Epilog and the steadfast support from CSI Manufacturing, Cheryl and Willie McHutcheon have not just expanded their business but have also contributed significantly to the craft and laser engraving industry. LazerNow Studio stands as a beacon of innovation, quality, and customer service, crafting not merely products, but a legacy that will inspire for generations to come.

In the dynamic world of personalised crafts and engraving, LazerNow Studio continues to be a benchmark, demonstrating that with the right tools and a passion for excellence, the possibilities are truly limitless.

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