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Reusable 'sticky matt' holds materials in position for engraving as an alternative to clamps & adhesives. Essential for holding laserable materials in place

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Looking to increase productivity and decrease labour and cleanup with your engraving and lasering jobs? Look no further than the Seklema TableMat, the latest innovation in engraving system set-up for sign and award professionals! The Seklema TableMat is a multi-purpose “tack-down” mat engineered for laser and computerized engraving machines, routers or any applications that require a non-clamp set-up method.

1. Clean your engraving table of dust, oils , engraving chips etc.

2. Adjust your spindle travel to allow for depth of  mat.

3. Place Seklema table mat on the engraving bed, using tape to secure it is optional but not necessary.

4. Place the engraving material on top of the Selklema table mat and begin engraving. Let Seklema go to speeding up your production and efficiency.

5. Remove engraving material from the mat and repeat the process.  

6. Clean Seklema table mat regularly with water and a lint free cloth . This helps keep your mat in its original form and engraving to an accurate depth.

Seklema Care Instructions

Clean your Seklema with water and a lint free cloth. After cleaning your Seklema will experience a restored tack level.  

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